Women 's Beauty And Fashion Standards Essay

1336 Words Mar 19th, 2016 6 Pages
America in the 1920s -- a period characterized by rapid modernization, economic prosperity, and abundant wealth. It is truly one of the most iconic periods in America’s brief history, from the barrage of new products hitting the market to the dramatic changes in lifestyle American people underwent. With this era of economic growth came the rise of consumerism and, as a direct result, a change in advertising techniques. Americans were being exposed to the fruits of capitalism, and they were embracing it. In addition, the 1920s saw a plethora of progressive social changes. Technology was embraced, and women in particular finally began to receive recognition and rights. Overall, American society underwent a massive shift in culture from the 1900s to the 1920s, particularly for women, and there is no clearer way to illustrate this alteration in mindset than by examining women 's beauty and fashion standards at that time and how they had changed. Often times, the fashion and beauty trends of any period shed light upon the priorities and values of people at that time. This theory is especially true in regards to the 1920s, in which fashion and beauty standards underwent a revolution; the culture of consumerism in combination with women’s new social liberations yielded fashion and beauty trends that were unheard of prior to the 1920s. The transition of women’s fashion from a conservative approach into much more sexualized, masculine, and progressive style is a manifestation of key…

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