Women With Intelligence That Doesn 't Lack Power And Strength

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Jane Eyre’s personality could be described as women with intelligence that doesn’t lack power or strength. She would take life by the horns and prove to her tormentors that she is worth something and prove that she can succeed in life. Along that journey to succeed she would encounter heartbreak. First with the death of Helen Burns and second leaving the man she fell in love with. Eyre goes by the beat of her own drums and tries not to let anything get in the way of her happiness. She has suffered enough throughout the years especially with the abuse she received growing up. In the novel Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre portrays a strong feminist role where she will over come obstacles to obtain her own form of happiness.

The “social norm” in that era was all women needed to be married in order to be accepted in that society. Jane did not listen to the standards of society. She would play by her own rules. This will play a role when St. John asks her to marry her. Together they would go to India as a married couple, but Jane had other ideas. “I repeat: I freely consent to go with you as your fellow-missionary; but not as your wife: I cannot marry you and become part of you.” (Bronte, 408) Jane isn’t going to stand to be married off just to please this “social norm” that a nineteen-year old girl is just friends and harmlessly traveling with a thirty year old man. Eyre was this lead feminism role who wasn’t going to give up her happiness for society’s happiness. Readers of this novel…

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