Women : The Second Feminist Movement Essay

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Importantly, the second feminist movement made profound objectives when it came to the reconstruction of law. Women are not denied jobs except the ones businesses think that they cannot fulfill, like doctor, lawyers, etc. "’Hell yes, we have a quota...We do keep women out, when we can. We don 't want them here — and they don 't want them elsewhere, either, whether or not they 'll admit it.’" Moreover, women are also not afforded the same amount of gratuity for the jobs they can work at that men do; they are indubitably undermined by the working conditions and robbed of appropriate payment, and women have decided that governmental action must take place for there to be genuine equilibrium among the sexes. Instinctively, there has been a consistency regarding misogyny, but up to this point nobody greatly proposed defilement against it. Women have always prevailed throughout history, but what part of their subconscious has been maintained? Since the turn of the 19th century, women have had to fight for feminism, to be allowed to call it by its accustomed name, to be allowed to voice their innermost opinions and ideologies, but at what cost? “Masculine dominance over females is further linked to the patriarchal nature of heterosexual relationships… where men are socialized to view women as a means of satisfying their emotional, sexual and daily needs…” Feminism is a battle cry for fulfillment, and a demand for reconciliation; it is almost as if women are asking men…

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