Women Of Women 's Rights Essay

1895 Words Apr 10th, 2016 null Page
Historically, Indian woman have had four status-role in society (daughter, wife, homemaker (homemaker), and mother). Women are seen as a financial liability because they don 't carry out the family name. The inability to implement acceptable policies to tackle violence against women is due to the shortage of knowledge on victims rights. In addition, the social stigma created by family members plays an enormous role in her ability or inability to access data. The UNESCO worked inexhaustibly with the central government to implement the measures outlined in their E4SD system. Indian society has “transmitted a culture of male favoritism and currently should come to the realization of the importance of women in their society” (Upadhyay). Recognizing the worth of women 's rights is crucial for the development of all women living in India. The government should learn the E4SD System because it 'll cause a society that provides identical opportunities to both sexes. Women are placed at the bottom level of society and are seen as being poor. If countries follow the recommendations set forth by the E4SD system; they will encourage their women to become more independent (Upadhyay). Facilitating an environment that enables for women to create independent decisions allows them to function as equals in society. This can only happen if there 's a “systematic route for the empowerment of women set forth by the government” (FSD). The FSD [Foundation for property Development] company has…

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