Women in the 1950s vs 2000s Essay examples

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Women's Sexual Freedoms & Rights in the 1950's vs 2000's

I decided to stick with my topic from my previous post and use it as my diversity assignment topic. As a woman I can relate very easily to this topic and although I have not faced what some women may have back in the 1950's, I and all women still face inequality and discrimination on some levels of the same degree. As a woman I find it important to educated yourself on this topic and value and appreciate all progress women have made over the years abd how far we have come. For years and even to some extent to this say women are looked upon as the weaker sex and women in the 2000's are now impowering themselves and other women Women have made great strides
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Women who did keep their jobs were still scrutinized by society (men) and were accused of being bad mothers or wives. Women also received extremely lower salaries for the jobs they were doing. I think the most famos icons/quotes and picture was Rosie the Riveter and "We Can Do It!" Another more recent quote I happen to like is "The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it." Roseanne Barr. Current day and as a women in 2013 were have come such a long way. We are now able to vote, we have equal opportunity for employment, salary, etc. We no longer are expect to jusdt cook, clean, take care of the kids, and be a good wive. As a women now we women empowered in medical fields, politices (Hilary Clinton running for presidential canidate), in every type of work force. Although we are now equal to men we still face sexism in some work forces such what is still considered to be a "man's job" construction etc. We are still fighting for "choice" and the right to choise with reproduction and sex and abortion. As I continue to research my diveristy paper topic I am finding things on a smaller level that are very facinating such as something as simple as clothing. How in 1950 it was a big deal what a woman wore and now some times it is still a big deal but we are able to dress and where what we like. I am very much looking forward to exploring more areas and examples

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