Women During The Romantic Era Essay

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Gender equality has always been a dilemma, specifically for women during the Romantic Era, when they were not seen as intellectuals and did not have the same rights as men (Greenblatt 9). Women were looked upon, criticized, and labeled as “bluestockings” if they were to be involved in anything that was not related to contributing to their households (Greenblatt 9). In the works, We are Seven by William Wordsworth, The Thorn by Wordsworth, and The Poor Singing Dame by Mary Robinson, we are able to see three different scenarios that exhibit how women were treated and thought about during the Romantic Era. Even though it is not surprising that women were not seen as being intellectual and instead were criticized and looked upon, it is heartbreaking that they were treated in such way.
As previously stated, women were just presumed to contribute to their households and nothing more (Greenblatt 9). Therefore, during this point in time, women were not known to be on the same intellectual level as men since they were not able to show their full potential. This view is also due to the lack of women involvement in “intellectual” activities (Greenblatt 25). Moreover, the women who would stand up and decide to make a name for themselves were labeled as "bluestockings", women who were considered to be educated, and were left in the open as targets of judgment from the men (Greenblatt 9). This is due to women being expected to know and comprehend far less than men at this point in time.…

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