Women During The Colonial Er Annotated Bibliography Essay

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"Women in the Colonial-Era" Annotated Bibliography

Brown, Kathleen M. Good Wives, Nasty Wenches, and Anxious Patriarchs: Gender, Race, and Power in Colonial Virginia. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1996. Brown is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who focuses on gender and race in early America, and I believe that due to that and the advanced language used in this text that it is geared towards scholars. Brown chooses to narrow her focus to solely colonial Virginia, although she begins her text in Elizabethan England to trace some of the ideological views that were present in colonial Virginia. She draws an interesting line between the treatment of the Irish from the English to the treatment of Africans and Native Americans by the colonial English (35-37).While that is not a direct correlation to women in the colonial-era it is an example of the kinds of ideas women were taught to have during that time, and part of Brown 's goal for her text is to show how gender, race, and class intertwined in colonial Virginia (1). Brown chooses to focus on colonial Virginia because it was the first British possession to import African slaves, along with being the first royal colony, and many gender issues were tied to the "political rhetoric" there (2). Brown is the first author of this study to look outside the white, colonial, English woman. With her study, she branches out into not only other races of women, but other ideas of male and female as well.…

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