What Is A Woman's Story In The 1800s

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A Woman’s Story in the 1800s Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour may seem like a simple short story at first glance, but it is far from it. The author describes Mrs. Mallard’s ordeal by expressing her thoughts and emotions in great detail, allowing the reader to fully understand what she is going through. In addition, Chopin’s story contains elements from longing for self-rule to being caught up in dreams, as well as accepting life for what it is and who is in it. Denial is a big part of grief. However, when Mrs. Mallard heard the news that her husband was dead, she immediately accepted the fact unlike other women in the 1800s who would react “with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance”, meaning that they could not be able to accept the truth. At this time husbands were important to wives because they were the ones who had money and made all the …show more content…
Mallard had wanted to be in control of her life for a long time, she did not want her husband to die. “She knew that she would weep again” when she saw the man who loved her. On the other hand, this was the perfect opportunity for her to be the master of her own life. She had been yearning for an excuse to finally be able to do so, and when the seemingly horrific predicament of her spouse’s death came, she knew that she would irrevocably be “Free! Body and soul free!” Her true feelings were not revealed right away, though, because the author first describes the beautiful world outside while poor Mrs. Mallard sobs over her husband’s death, juxtaposing the scene to make the reader fully believe that Louise Mallard was truly in distress. As the story goes along the idea of Mr. Mallard’s death is introduced as a wonderful problem for Mrs. Mallard because it meant that she got what she has always wanted. Hence, Mrs. Mallard was not looking for the silver lining in the bitter occasion, nor were her thoughts and opinions glass half full- she had just realized that her independence day had finally

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