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The idea of the birth of a child form this union is also echoed in this line. - predominance of “s” in the choice of words slows down the rythm of the stanza and creates a hused and gentle tone. This creates a sense of imtimacy of the conversation between the couple. - ‘ silent and swift and deep from sight’ moment of conception in their sexual union. expressed in the alliteration of this line. Stanza 2: - use of repetiion reinforces the idea of the “un-nameableness” of their love. they sfeel their lov eis indescribable. The eventually of the conception and the birth of the child is related here. Not only talking about their child, but she is talking about their love - “yet you and i have known it well” • The child is not yet known but because of their love is what they share in these intimate encounters they feel they know it already. - “This our hunter and our chase” paradox(seeming impossibility) • This technique highlights the primeval nature of their sexual union. The idea of conquest is not expressed in any ‘death’ but in their ‘embrace’ . The ‘conquest’ in their love making will bring a baby • Time- Past(ancientness of sex act)- Present (them together in this month)- Future(baby) • era in which
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