Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : An Adventure For Having The Mind Of A Famous Composer

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Born in the lands of Salzburg, Austria in 1756 came a prodigy man with intelligence to music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a serious musical composer in the classical period (1750-1800). Although he had a short life, he produced symphonies, Concertos (Piano, Violin, and Horn), Piano Solos, Violin Music, Sonatas, Trios, Quartet, Sacred music, and operas throughout his life (Gilbert). He had forty-one symphonies, operas such as The Marriage of Figaro, concertos, chamber works, and a Requiem Mass. (McGraw-Hills Education 120). Mozart had an adventure for having the mind of a famous composer. To look at the beginning of his life, Mozart first practiced on the harpsichord at the age of four. Then At the age of six, he produced five short piano pieces. He later became a performer on a variety of instruments: clavier, violin, and organ. His skill came from his father, Leopold, a concertmaster in a court orchestra and violinist. Leopold and Mozart went on a tour throughout Europe, where Mozart produced sonatas in 1763, a symphony in 1764, an oratorio in 1766, and an opera buffa in 1768 (Funk & Wagnall 's Corporation). He traveled to Vienna, Paris, Versailles, and London (Gilbert). The early works he produced were just the beginning of his career. Unfortunately, Mozart’s father became severely ill. During the time Leopold was prolonged, Mozart composed his first symphony, Symphony no. 1 in E Flat Major at eight years old performed in 1765. Both Leopold and Mozart later returned from…

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