Without Art, Earth Is Just Essay

1361 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
Without art, earth is just “eh”. People have many interesting ways of expressing themselves to the world, it can vary from grand art work to as simple as the tone one uses, either way both portrays a message. Everyone is unique in his or her own ways, therefore, there is no right way to convey individual personal thoughts. The idea of self-expression is important because it allows one to gain a deeper and more meaningful relationships with others. Also, it allows individuals to discover his or her inner worth, therefore, allowing them to gain more insight and confidence on given challenges that life throws. Everyone has their own individual voice that defines them, although when verbal communication fails to present one’s intended message, some turn to non-verbal ways of expression, such as writing and music in order to fully express themselves when words alone will not.
In order to create a personal voice, one must not limit only to verbal ways of communications, it is a very important tool every individual should practice. Voice deciphers one’s insight and outlook on a particular situation. It reveals the variations in personalities and allows one to present themselves in different ways. People’s voice can allow others to sense what kind of mood he or she is in or what kind of person they are. If voice is practiced correctly it can allow others to understand their personality and emotional traits. For example, everyone has experienced the tone of voice a person gives when…

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