Essay Winter 's Bone By Daniel Woodrell

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Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell has two narratives: a young woman named Ree Dolly completing a quest to find her Dad and the story of how she shapes her internal desire to save her family. Typically, culture mediates desire in texts, but Winter’s Bone develops a protagonist that goes against societal oppression to fix a situation typical of her culture. The novel avoids the contrived “journey” story by presenting her desires through flashbacks. This narrative technique is chosen to emphasize connections between past and present events, surprise the reader and allow questions to arise while reading.
The Technique of Flashback in Selected Northern Sotho Literary Texts by M.J. Mojalefa and R.S. Phala distinguishes different types of flashbacks as narrative devices. They begin by defining narrative technique as the arrangement of events in literary texts (Mojalefa and Phala 60) . Then, the authors explore three different flashbacks: flashback to insert events, flashbacks of similar events and flashbacks to change chronological order. All three of these flashbacks occur in Winter’s Bone, although I believe the flashbacks that change chronological order contribute the most to the narrative because they reveal the truth behind Ree’s desires. This type of discourse occurs when the flashback disrupts the initial notions presented by the narrator (69). It differs from a flashback to insert events because those simply describe character or background information (71). Instead,…

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