Essay on Wind Is The Result Of Fast Blowing Air

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Wind is the result of fast blowing air. It carries kinetic energy with it, and has the capability to cause destruction of the objects that causes obstruction. The force of the wind exerts pressure on any object it comes across. The variation of this pressure has varying effects on types of objects. According to aero-dynamics, the objects which come across the wind are classified as bluff bodies and stream-lined bodies. Bluff bodies are the ones with sharp edges and regular geometrical features. Stream-lined bodies are the ones which have a definite stream-line shape.
Wind being a fluid, behaves differently when it strikes either type of bodies. As the wind strikes the stream-line bodies, it glides across the surface, and follows a laminar flow. But, the opposite effect happens with the bluff bodies. The wind striking a bluff body experiences flow separation owing to the cutting or sharp edges of the geometry. This gives rise to turbulent flows and varying pressures. As the wind passes past a bluff body, it undergoes boundary layer separation, which causes imbalance in pressure. This results in a phenomena, specific to bluff bodies, called the vortex shedding. The wind leaving the body, which undergoes vortex shedding causes alternating wind pressures at the rear end of the body. This alternating pressure forces the body to sway to and fro respectively. If the oscillating frequency matches with the rear natural frequency of the building, it leads to resonance effect, which…

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