Essay on Wilson Brother Limited Case

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The Wilson Brothers Limited Case
You have recently been hired as the HR manager responsible for two separate Ontario locations belonging to Wilson Brothers Limited. You have been asked by the HR Director at the head office in Brandon, Manitoba, to quickly provide a report on any initial HR issues related to Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits, Health and Safety, Training and Development and Labour and Employee Relations that are affecting or will affect the Cambridge operation and the new plant in Scarborough. The HR Director has made it very clear that Wilson Brothers would like both the Cambridge location and the new plant in Scarborough to remain union-free and are willing to offer very competitive wages and benefits
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She is leaving shortly to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and he said that the company has agree to pay her university tuition each year if she returns to work during her summers off. 3. He admits that he has been uninvolved in the decision to expand to Scarborough, since his focus has simply been finishing up and retiring. However, he does know that one of the three bakers at the Cambridge plant has chosen to relocate and work in the new plant due to a recent divorce and two of the five packagers are also relocating. One of the packagers is confined to a wheelchair and would like to be closer to parents with health problems who live in the east end of Toronto and the other is relocating with her husband who has been given a job offer to work as a driver for the Scarborough plant. In addition, two of the five client service reps will also be relocating to work at the Scarborough plant. 4. You ask about current wages and payroll in Cambridge and after referring to files, he is able to tell you that the Cambridge bakers and packagers are hourly employees and are paid $25.50 per hour and $19.25 per hour respectively. 5. The client service reps who take orders, deal with client complaints and track down lost or late shipments are on salary and paid anywhere from $49,900 to $57,500 depending on experience. When he tells you that the reps also generate additional business for Wilsons, you ask about compensation for

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