Willy's Illusions In Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller: Inability of Individuals to Accept Reality
Willy built his life around his illusions and his illusions replaced his reality. Reality was a difficult concept for him to accept. Whenever reality slipped through, Willy ran to his flashbacks. His flashbacks showed how he was losing his grip on reality. The worse Willy’s reality got, the faster he ran to his flashbacks and the tighter his grip on his illusions became.
Willy truly believed that he was a successful salesman who was both well liked and well known across New England. Willy could not cope with the idea that he was, at the very best, a mediocre salesman. Willy’s belief that he was well liked and well known blinded him of his reality.
Willy cheated on his wife, Linda. Biff discovered Willy’s infidelity while visiting him in Boston. This ruined their relationship, Willy could not accept this, so he relieved the times when Biff loved and adored him through flashbacks. Willy often did this when things did not go his way.
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He was stuck living in between his past and a dream state. Willy dreamt of becoming a successful salesman, living a wonderful life. Instead of achieving this, he became a bitter, mediocre salesman with a broken family and a broken dream. Willy’s mind was filled with illusions which led to his

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