Willy Loman Argumentative Essay

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My father, Willy Loman, was the youngest son of the family. In his early childhood, his father, who was a salesman, had left him for the Alaska adventure. My father saw his older brother, Benjamin Loman, who had “walked into a jungle, came out at the age of twenty one, and became a rich man”, as a great man and role model (“Death of a Salesman”). My father was not a finest husband and father. But then it does not mean that he did not love his children, he always took care of us in his own way. He just had had an unrealistic dream for a long time. In his entire life, Willy Loman was trapped inside the fantasy life that he had created, unable to realize the reality, and struggled to discover his true identity.
My father always saw my uncle’s successful life as an ultimate goal in his life. He wanted to become a rich man like Uncle Benjamin and especially a successful salesman like Dave Singleman (“Short Stories for Student”, 67-68). My father’s perception about the business world was truly incorrect. He believed that being well liked was the only way to success in life, as he once told us that he would open a business “bigger
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I was his oldest son, hence, he had a lot of expectations from me since I was in high school. I was supposed to be a successful businessman in life because he thought that being a businessman was the only way I can do to fulfil his American dream. He might feel ashamed of me being nothing but a labor. He kept denying my true self, he always told everybody that I was a successful businessman like he told Mr. Howard “they are working on a very big deal” before he got fired (“Death of a Salesman”). Moreover, Uncle Charley had offered him a job instead of loaning him the money every week and knowing that he might not be able to pay it back. He declined Uncle Charley’s offer because he thought that he was better than Uncle Charley and he still had his job as a

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