William Wordsworth 's The French Revolution Essay

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William Wordsworth’s works are known all over the world. He lived between the 18th and 19th centuries. He was part of the founders of romanticism in poetry. The French Revolution greatly influenced romantic writers through giving the people hope for a better future thanks to the Revolution (Vincent 608). The poets took it upon themselves to express the positive feelings resulting from the unified support of the French Revolution through poems (Hancock 7). However, William Wordsworth lost his idealistic view after seeing the result of the French Revolution in terms of death and the atrocities committed by the people. William Wordsworth has a reputation for writing poems inspired by nature. However, during his early life, he was largely inspired by the French Revolution. Most of his early life works are themed on aspects revolving around the French Revolution.
William Wordsworth, as well as other romantic poets, were in support of the French Revolution. The French Revolution signified the beginning of change in the country after years of facing oppression. The French Revolution filled William Wordsworth with sympathy and pity regular people, who were poor and underprivileged as well as encouraging him in his political ideas, especially his belief in democracy. William Wordsworth believed that he had to be closely related to what he wrote about, since that was what encouraged him and made him creative and be able to express his feelings imaginatively.
While visiting France,…

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