Essay about William Wordsworth 's Poem, The World Is Too Much With Us

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Williams Wordsworth, born into the unfairness of the world, saw only its beauty. Among his many famous works, This World Is Too Much With Us first published in 1807, shows insight on his love for nature and the frustration he feels against humanity for ignoring it. This new poetic composition spoke to those during the Industrial resolution who only enjoyed the materialistic things in life. Wordsworth uses metaphor, rhythm scheme/repetition, imagery, and allusion to convey his passion for nature as well as point out the human flaw of ignoring that around them. Unlike other romantic poets in this time period, Wordsworth speaks for nature, wanting to create poetry that reunited readers with their true feelings and emotions. Wordsworth strived for nature since the beginning, whilst the Industrial Revolution was in its prime, those around him were focused on themselves, items, and materials. Not even paying attention to the beauty around them. Wordsworth began his poem, “The world is too much with us; late and soon”. The words written conduct the start of the metaphor. The world is too great, in the past as well as it will be in the future. Wordsworth goes on to say we can’t seem to find anything in nature that we know since we seem to be too busy in our own selves. “We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!” This metaphor, as well as oxymoron suggests the worst aspects of human nature when saying sordid such as, selfishness, greed, even immortality, while the word boon…

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