William Wilberforce : Voice Of The People Essay

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William Wilberforce: Voice of the People

The heart wrenching film Amazing Grace made its debut in September of 2006. The film was written by Steven Knight and brought to life by director Michael Apted. Focusing on the life of parliament member and antislavery activist William Wilberforce, Amazing Grace tells the story of Wilberforce’s twenty-year battle to put an end to the British Slave Trade. The film is set between 1780 and the early 1800’s during which time Wilberforce is actively involved with the movement to abolish slavery. William Wilberforce’s crusade was inspired by friend and mentor, John Newton a remorseful formal slave ship captain who became a preacher. His mentor also led him to find his conversion to evangelical Christianity. His friend William “Billy” Pitt who became prime minister was also a strong supporter and rock through his heroic fight. After preparing his argument with some help from fellow sympathizers of the slave trade. William presents the bill to parliament only to lose the bill 163 to 88 because his parliament companions were given free tickets to an opera by the opposing side. In his early thirties Wilberforce begins to suffer from a stress inflicted illness. After struggling with the loss of the bill and his illness William retreats to his cousin’s house in the country attempting to recover from mental and physical failure. Shortly after his arrival as a result of an orchestrated a meeting by his cousin Nicholas and his wife…

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