William Wells Brown : A Novel Based On Mulattos Essay

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How is “Clotel” a novel based on mulattos? To answer this question, “Clotel” must be broken down into figurative language, symbols, and history. With criticism by Gerald Rosselot, L.H Welchel Jr, John Reilly, Andrews, Robert S., Levine, Anne Ducille, Paul Gilmore, and John Ernest question the reasons for William Wells Brown purpose in writing the book and identify him as a trickster. It is very important to know what Clotel represents to the African American people and white. This story is classified as propaganda since the novel also focuses on attracting abolitionist to get rid of slavery. The critics support the idea that Clotel mostly is a novel about the tragic mulattos and their life. The novel specially focuses on Clotel, a mulatto who is daughter of Jefferson and Sally Heming. “Clotel” is a novel about tragic mulattos because of the way that William Wells Brown presents the story, the way the people view mulattos, and how government pushed mulattos aside.

Introduction William Wells Brown is one of the most famous writers of the mid nineteenth century. He is the primary African American to write a novel and be recognized for it. He is well-known for his abolitionist; anti-slavery novels and his autobiography. “Clotel” is his most acclaimed novel, which he wrote to remember his slavery years. This novel is about a mulatto girl who is the daughter of President Jefferson and his slave. Clotel struggles to get by since she is mulatto and no race likes her;…

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