William Shakespeare 's Works Of Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare is one of the most significant figures in English literature. To an extreme, he is one of the most significant figures in the English language itself. Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays in his lifetime. That does not include The Two Noble Kinsmen, which he collaborated on with John Fletcher, and two lost plays nobody will ever see again. His work was revolutionary for the time. It added significant depth to story telling. Shakespeare also pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable; often sneaking crass and perverse jokes within his beautiful language. Pertaining to his beautiful language, Shakespeare invented over seventeen hundred words that the modern English speaking man still uses today. While many high school students squall about how they should not have to waste their time with the work of some worthless dead guy, any claim that Shakespeare is not relevant today is made out of sheer ignorance. It is such a shame that not all students can appreciate his work because William Shakespeare is one of the sharpest minds to take a breath on this Earth.

When William Shakespeare began, the theater was a very different world. At the time, most theatrical performances were reserved for the wealthy. Many of these plays also only appealed to the upper crust of society. The theater was not for every civilian in England. Shakespeare’s tales shifted theater so that it could be open for all people. Shakespeare focused on universal truths in his storytelling.…

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