William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Hamlet Essay

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Foil characters have both similarities and differences that are used to emphasize certain traits. More specifically, a foil’s life mirrors its counterpart but his/her differences reveal to the readers the subtle traits in the other character. In “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Demark”, Hamlet, the protagonist, and his old friend, Laertes, reunite in their home town after the death of King Hamlet. Laertes acts as a very useful foil for Hamlet in that the two men share life experiences yet they have different personalities and behaviors. Laertes and Hamlet go through similar situations throughout the play. Both men suffer from their fathers’ deaths. After finding out about their fathers’ murders, the two characters seek answers about the murder. In Hamlet’s situation, he learns from the Ghost that King Claudius killed his father. He does not believe the inanimate object at first; however, when Hamlet conducts a play mirroring the murder of his father, it becomes obvious that Claudius killed King Hamlet. Laertes, on the contrary, first assumes his father’s murderer to be Claudius which leads him to storm the castle to find out. Once there, he discovers from the King that his father’s murderer is Hamlet.
The characters went through the same problem and they both decided to take action. These men want revenge against the murderers. The difference, however, is how Hamlet and Laertes choose to follow through with their revenge. Laertes declares that he will “be revenged / Most…

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