William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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People often depend on others for a sense of security and acceptance. When we do, we sometimes become so dependent that we lose sight of where we, ourselves, begin. In William Shakespeare`s, “Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo demonstrates just this. His passionate nature causes him to often fall under great infatuation, to a point in which he falls into great misery when discovered that he cannot have what he wants. Romeo then isolates himself as a coping mechanism, and begins to lack concern for himself and his actions, causing him to become utterly impulsive. Lastly, Romeo`s reckless acts cause his own desperation and tragedy. Ultimately, Romeo`s want for love can often lead him into becoming reckless, which causes his own downfall. Romeo`s passionate nature causes him to isolate himself, where he is often compelled to act recklessly. Romeo has passionate feelings toward Rosaline. Due to these feelings, he isolates himself (he is struggling with rejection). “She`ll not be hit with Cupid`s arrow; she will not stay by the siege of loving terms...” – Act 1, Scene 1: 205-213. “But he, his own affections counsellor.” – Act 1, Scene 1: 144. Romeo`s way of coping with this rejection, is to shut himself down. He causes others, such as his friends and family, a great deal of worry, as no one knows specifically what is wrong. Romeo also shows this type of passion when with Juliet. He isolates himself when with Friar Laurence, and acts in a wildly unstable manner. See: Act 3, Scene 3;…

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