William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers who got into a horrible tragedy, either because of fate or the people around them. This couple can 't outrun their fate but the people around them influenced their decisions. After this horrible event i think the people who played the most significant role in their death is Tybalt, Paris, and Friar Laurence. The demise of Romeo and Juliet is a big event that got affected by a lot of people and affected a lot of people. The first person of main importance who affected Romeo and Juliet 's death is Tybalt. Tybalt is Juliet 's cousin, who hates the Montagues with all his heart. Tybalt first saw Romeo at the Capulet 's masquerade ball, and wanted to have a fight with him but was stopped by Lord Capulet, who also slapped him across the face. Even though Tybalt could have ignored Romeo at the ball because he wasn 't doing anything wrong just hanging out at the party. Yes, he shouldn 't have been there because their families hate each other but Tybalt didn 't need to put up a big scene and then he wouldn 't have gotten slapped by Lord Capulet. But that slap just angered Tybalt even more, and he wanted revenge now more than ever. He then proceeded to invite Romeo on a dual, even though Romeo didn 't want to duel with Tybalt, and it was against the law. When Tybalt didn 't see Romeo he struck up an offending conversation with Mercutio who was angry and wanted to fight Tybalt a whole lot. Tybalt didn 't need to start a…

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