William Shakespeare 's Poem, Scared And Confused By Blake 's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell

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‘Because more than anything I want to learn’ I replied to the Orthodox priest, he had asked me why I was there, there being a lonely Orthodox church in the Northeast of Turkey. I was eleven, it was July and per usual I was back in Turkey with my father for the holidays. If not being tutored, I would spend most of my days in my grandfather’s old apartment, a studio with endless books covering almost all the walls from the ground to the ceiling. Many of the books had at least two copies, one always in the original language and one either in Turkish, German or English. I would put the copies on the floor, next to one another trying to match the words, the sentences to one another, trying to figure out the language, understanding bits and failing to do so generally. Since my arrival, I was already mesmerised reading Goethe’s poetry, scared and confused by Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, walking around quoting Shakespeare’s Sonnets by heart right before I got my hands on Seneca’s Phaedra and Euripides’ Troades. Both of the works only had translations in German, by then, even though I was being tutored, my level of German language comprehension was nowhere close to reading classical works. I was frustrated by the fact that there was something going on inside a book and I was unable to be a part of it. Both of my grandparents were speakers of Ladino-Turkish at home with religious hints of Hebrew, though my grandmother was a native speaker of Bulgarian. Due to occupation…

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