William Shakespeare 's Othello And Macbeth Essay

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In the Shakespearean plays Othello and Macbeth, many of the characters face moral issues in their attempts to achieve their aspirations. Some handle the issues with poise and understand their limitations, while most seek their desires with cold ambition. However, through these examples, there is a recurring theme suggesting that if one pursues their desires without regard to the morality of their actions, they will destroy themselves and those around them in their pursuit for love, retribution, and power. Firstly, when one pursues love without recourse to morality, they will destroy themselves. Roderigo from Othello embodies this theme, as he is madly in love with Desdemona, driving him to commit terrible acts. He allows himself to be deceived by the villainous Iago, and aids in the murderous plots against Othello with full intentions to carry out his destruction. Upon deciding to undertake the murder of Cassio, Roderigo becomes wounded in the duel and killed by his own accomplice, Iago, ultimately displaying that immoral actions taken in the name of love will end only in self-destruction. Emilia, wife to Iago, suffers a similar fate. After years in a tumultuous marriage, she is continuously seeking the affection of her husband without success. So, when Desdemona leaves her handkerchief behind, Emilia recalls how “[Her] wayward husband hath a hundred times/ Wooed [her] to steal it,” and picks it up without hesitation despite the unethical nature of theft (Othello 3. 3.…

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