William Shakespeare 's Merchant Of Venice Essay

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Differences between villains and victims can vary in each play, movie, or book. Can a person be a victim and also be a villain? Is Shylock a villain or victim In the play Merchant Of Venice written by William Shakespeare two moneylenders Antonio and Shylock both have a feud with each other over money. Antonio a borrows money from shylock the jewish moneylender for his best friend Bassanio. Shylock and Antonio made an agreement that if the money was not paid back on time plus interest Shylock could take a pound of flesh from Antonio. Towards the end of the play the money was not paid back in the three months and they went to court where Shylock planned to take Antonio’s heart. Even when the Duke asked him to show Antonio mercy he did not he just wanted everything to go his way. In the end Shylock lost everything, he did not take Antonio’s heart nor any flesh, but he had to convert to christianity. In the Merchant Of Venice William ShakeSpeare purposely endorses the anti- Semitic attitude of his christian characters Therefore, Shakespeare intentionally portrays Shylock as a villain. Is Shylock the true villain or the victim in The Merchant Of Venice? Shylock is the villain one hundred percent. He is the definition of a villain when it comes to this play. He proved in the play he did not care about anything and that he just wanted to do the most horrible things in the world. He only cares about his money and jewels after his daughter ran away. He would not show Antonio any…

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