William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth ' Essay

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MacBeth Motif Essay

The timeless play “MacBeth” by William Shakespeare is an extremely thorough and well thought out play. Throughout the play, there are many recurring ideas, called motifs. There are many motifs, but one of the most prevalent and important motifs in the play is Death. Throughout Macbeth, there are several instances where a person is murdered or, the characters are speaking about death. The motif of Death will help all readers understand Macbeth better, because the play is about murder. The tragedy includes killing of a kings, and even whole families. Death comes in many ways in Macbeth, by “natural” causes, and by the hand of another person. Nevertheless, without death, there would be no Macbeth. The death of certain characters shapes the story to be what it is, and without this death, the story wouldn’t be the same, and would probably have a whole different ending, or the play wouldn’t have been interesting enough for it to be as popular as it is now. Understanding the motif of death in Macbeth is so important, and impact of it in the play is so great, that without it, the story would be completely different, therefore, death helps the reader understand Macbeth by making the reader comprehend how the characters developed, how the characters personalities were, and even how the individual roles characters role meant something.

Character development is very important in any book, movie, or play. In Macbeth, there are many instances where a character…

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