Essay about William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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I have been given the challenge to read Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, and while I am overjoyed to read my first, yes I said first, screen play, it will also be my first attempt at reading Shakespeare. As I open the first page of the script my mind is filled with superfluous thoughts of death and desire! What will I encounter as the words fall wildly from the pages, into my ever racing mind? At last! There they are, my first Shakespearian words; “ACT1 SCENE 1 Elsinore. A platform before the castle.” While these are not words heard in the work as it is performed, I am still just as thrilled to read them, I continue on to my first character meeting. “Francisco at his post, Enter to him Bernardo.” Bernardo and Francisco are quietly on watch as they banter back and forth about the hours watch. At this moment I am extremely pleased with myself. I am reading Shakespeare! So I continue on and on and on. While I am reading of the ghost and Horatio screaming at the spirit to answer him I can help but wonder, would I still be there talking to this thing if I saw it? It is a few pages more, a few being twelve, when Hamlet is finally introduced to me. I can’t really picture what he looks like. I have not seen any movie versions of this, and the only thing I have seen which is remotely close to Hamlet is The Lion King, so I am left to my imagination to what this young Prince might look like. While I am reading I am starting to understand why people don’t really care for King Claudius. I…

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