William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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William Shakespeare’s famous play entitled Hamlet is a tragic comedy that has been studies for centuries. This play is still studied because of its underlying themes and motifs. These underlying themes and motifs are still relevant to people in the modern era, thus the study of Hamlet will to be end anytime soon. One theme in particular that really makes this Shakespearian tragedy so interesting is Hamlet’s antic disposition. The term ‘antic’ is defined as ‘a playful trick or prank’ or ‘a grotesque, fantastic or ludicrous gesture, act or posture’. Furthermore, ‘disposition’ is defined as ‘the predominant or prevailing tendency of one 's spirits; natural mental and emotional outlook or mood’ or ‘a state of mind regarding something’. Hamlet’s madness is feigned because he uses antic disposition to fool the King and his men into believing he is mad, thus avoiding suspicion whilst planning to avenge his father’s death by murdering King Claudius, King Hamlet’s brother and murderer. Hamlet’s feigned madness is illustrated throughout the play via Hamlet’s conversations with Horatio, Guildenstern and Gertrude as well the fact that the only people who really believe that Hamlet is mad are King Claudius and his men, the exact people that Hamlet wants to think he is crazy. However, even they have their doubts concerning Hamlet’s madness.
In the fifth scene of the first act, during Hamlet’s conversation with Horatio and the ghost of his dead father, Hamlet states his intentions to act…

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