William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, An Age Old Tale Of Revenge Essay

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet, an age-old tale of revenge, most prominently contains the theme of delay and ambivalence. In Hamlet, the main and titular character Hamlet, enacts a ploy of revenge against his step-father Claudius, who killed his father, and married his mother, but Hamlet only does so after almost five months of waiting. Hamlet faces many moments of ambivalent filled moments of hesitation throughout the play. Shakespeare deliberately inserts this delay by through his soliloquies, which lengthens the plot as well as develops Hamlet and the themes. Besides Hamlet however, the theme of delay is also developed through the character of Polonius. Shakespeare, through the careful use of the language in various scenes, accomplishes in developing the theme of delay and ambivalence. Hamlet, the titular protagonist of the play, is by far the character that exhibits the theme of delay the most. His inactivity is foreshadowed in Act 1, Scene 5 when he says, “The time is out of join. Oh, cursed spite/ That ever I was born to set it right!” which already shows his unease about being able to act (Shakespeare 1.5.197-198). This comes after he receives a direct plea from the ghost of his father to avenge him, which places a sense of responsibility and urgency on him. His delaying comes forth in his third soliloquy, which takes place nearly two months after Hamlet is told to take revenge, where he criticizes himself for waiting so long. Shakespeare expresses Hamlet’s loathing for…

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