William Shakespeare 's Hamlet, A Dramatic Tragedy Essay

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The topic of power has always been a controversial topic. But what exactly is power? Power is seen as having a heavy influence over somebody else, or a group of people. Kings are viewed as people who have heavy influence over their kingdom and people, because of the power with which they hold office. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a dramatic tragedy, the case is one in the same. The king, in this case King Claudius, has the most power in the entire play because of how he took the throne and the wife of his late brother King Hamlet, puppeteered his nephew into where he was allowed to go, and also, turned some of Hamlet’s friends into his own personal spies. Moving into a seat of power, like the king’s throne, is a very bold move for Claudius. This seat puts him into a position to manipulate and hold heavy influence over everybody in his home and kingdom. To ensure that the kingdom would approve of him taking the throne, he made a very significant addition to his power. Claudius plays upon the emotional turmoil of the kingdom, which he knows is full of sorrow for the loss of their beloved king. He believed that the tide needed to be turned toward happiness rather than sadness and this will help with the kingdom’s approval of him. He does this by saying, ¨With mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage,/ in equal scale weighing delight and dole/ Taken to wife¨ (I.ii.12-14). He married the widow of his brother to balance the sorrow of the kingdom with the merriment…

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