William Shakespeare 's ' Antigone ' Essay

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In the play, Antigone, there are two types of justice that are displayed. One type of justice is represented by Antigone who believes in “divine law”, the will of god, and another type of justice is represented by Creon whose understanding of justice is through strict laws and harsh punishment. The play begins, In the aftermath of the theban civil war, in which two brothers, eteocles and polynices, died while fighting on opposite sides, for the throne of Thebes. Creon, ends up being King of Thebes, declares that he would not give polyneices proper burial and that "no man is to touch him or say the least prayer for him; he shall lie on the plain, unburied". Creon, does this in order to establish himself as the head of the state. Antigone, (sister of polynices and eteocles) hears of this injustice and goes against the King 's orders and plans to bury her brother polynices, but gets caught in the act and is sentenced to death. Antigone does not deny her actions, stating "I deny nothing".
Antigone views the civil law of Thebes as unfair, and one sided, she believes in divine law, "the will of God". Therefore, burying her brother was not only the godly thing to do but, it was the “just” thing to do and honorary as well since she believed that it was important to honor the dead than the living. This gave her peace in mind and she saw this as justice; not only for her but her brother and the state.
In contrast, Socrates needed to know, what is the reason to be just, and in order…

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