Essay on William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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Shakespeare’s not so smooth theatrical love
“The course of true love never did run smooth.” (Act 1, Scene 1). The storylines of Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream didn’t run smooth when love was involved. A reoccurring theme in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the appearance of love. The play explores the nature of love, romantic love. Throughout the play, love appears in many forms. Love makes characters act differently and the altercation with the potion makes characters fall for each other although they may have not have that emotion with one another. In the world of Shakespeare plays, Love is an open playing field as well as a battlefield. Shakespeare’s incorporation of love that is in complicated and force ways change the story line Love is portrayed in different forms of throughout A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare portrays many different kinds of love such as forced love, parental love (authoritative and over bearing), romantic love and complicated love. In the beginning of the play we see a forced love between Theseus and Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Theseus mentions in act 1 “I wooed thee with my sword, to portray that he won her with his sword as in the battle to win her love. In Act 5 scene 1, Hippolyta says “My Theseus”, this shows she is willing to marry him. We readers are not sure if both of these characters are really in love or marrying because Theseus has won a battle. Throughout the story it seems that His love for…

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