Essay on William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream

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Brooke Carter
Mr. Buse
British Litertature-6
12 September 2014
Foolish Fairies One would say that the people in Ferguson are acting foolish, one who acts or behaves stupidly. These people are standing up for what they believe in, but in the wrong way. Foolishness is common in our world today, and used as themes in many stories and plays. In particular, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is filled with cases of foolishness. This humorous play involves humans, fairies, and even a human with a donkey head. The most foolish of these characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare are the fairies; they display childish pranks, senselessness, and the false thought that they can resolve any problem that occurs.
The fairies are extremely immature. In particular, Puck, the servant of Oberon, uses his immaturity to do bad, making him extremely foolish. When Puck first enters the play, some fairies already know who he is because of his tricks. One fairy says, “... [Y]ou are that shrewd and knavish sprite / Called Robin Goodfellow” (2.1.33-4). And goes on to list some of his mischiefs, “sometime make the drink to bear no barm, Mislead night-wanderers, laughing at their harm?” (2.1.38-9). Puck shows no remorse and, in fact, cheerfully admits to these and more. He then says that he plays these tricks on people to entertain Oberon and “make him smile” (2.1.44). Puck 's desire to entertain both himself and his king as well as his obedience to Oberon 's orders…

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