Essay on William Randolph Hearst : A Media Empire After His Father

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William Randolph Hearst created a media empire after his father, George Hearst gave him the San Francisco Examiner. After that, he battled the Ney York World publisher Joseph Pulitzer by purchasing the New York Journal and earning awareness for his “yellow journalism.” He went into politics during the century’s turn, and won himself two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives but was unsuccessful in his attempt to become President of the United States and New York City’s mayor. These things took place in William Randolph Hearst history, and he probably would not have had a big impact on the history of journalism without doing the things he’s done.
William Randolph Hearst was born on 29th, 1863 to George a United States Senator as well as a wealthy American businessman and Phoebe Hearst in San Francisco, California. William was a mischievous child when he was younger, he had set off fireworks in his bedroom after the adults of the house had gone to bed. “Then he opened the door and shrieked down the silent halls of the sleeping house: ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’ Then he shut the door, locked it and awaited events.” (Nasaw 12). When William was seven and a half years old his mother had him enrolled in a small private school on Vallejo Street. She pulled him out of school two months later to go with her on an extended visit to her parent’s home in Santa Clara. By the time he was nine William had only two years of classes when his mom had him removed from school again and in the…

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