William James And His Influence On The Mind And Body Essay

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When one visits an local art museum, the muted objective is to stand back and enjoy the finesse of the artwork as a whole. This is exactly what the American psychologist William James acquired into his own theories. His most prominent theory is called Functionalism. According to Ned Block, a student of New York University, Functionalism looks at the wholeness of the mind and body rather than the individual parts. My personal definition would be that Functionalism is the knot that ties the mind and body together. To better interpret the impact that William James had in the psychology timeline, one needs to distinguish James ' reasonings and even his contradicting competitors. William James was born into a 'curiosity of the mind ' family in the mid 1800 's. His roots entangle as far back as his father, who was a psychology novelist and a philosopher. Even his brother, Henry, was a novelist of the brain. Unsurprisingly, William predetermined to pursue into his family footsteps and examine the mind. Although, William did not have much enthusiasm of the brain in till he graduated medical school. Ten years later in 1890, his first human psyche novel was published, titled The Principles of Psychology. This book switched the old psychology ways from only concentrating on the mental functions and structure into the functions of behavior and the decisions a average human makes. One of the most crucial parts of his book was his personal scientific method. Which…

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