Essay on William Gawain And The Green Knight

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The Medieval English romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a great literary piece that narrates the journey of a chivalrous, heroic knight who goes on a journey and faces countless risks and supernatural threats in between, to show his king his abilities and courageous behavior. The principle of chivalry has played a key role in English society through out the ages. Knights during this time follow three codes of conducts in which the knights venture to keep their honor by doing as their lord commands. These three codes are the knightly conduct, the chivalric code, and courtly love. Through these three codes, readers observe how Sir Gawain shows true chivalry in his travels to the Green Chapel to meet the mysterious Green Knight and his fate.
Knightly conduct is one of the most important aspects that are present throughout the poem, which is upheld by Sir Gawain who follows the knight’s code of bravery, respect, and honor. Sir Gawain, who is not yet a knight, shows true bravery when he accepts the mysterious Green Knight’s challenge. At first, Arthur presents his chivalric ways and honor towards Camelot by being the first to step up to the Green Knight after he mocks Arthur’s court. The Green Knight enters the castle and presents a challenge and game for Camelot that involvs someone striking the Green Knight 's neck with an axe and then seeking him out one year later so that the Green Knight can return the favor to that certain individual. The Knight mocks the court…

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