William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily Essay

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The point of view in a story can really make or break it. Throughout William Faulkner’s career as an author of fiction, he put much effort into how the stories were told- point of view. Each one of Faulkner’s stories goes in depth with each character and gives the

reader a good sense of what is going on. Faulkner achieved this through the skillful use of perspective. He went on to create great stories such as, “A Rose for Emily”, “Dry September”,

and “Barn Burning”. These short stories clearly exemplify why perspective and point of view are important.

“A Rose for Emily”, is known as one of Faulkner’s greatest works. It tells the story of a wealthy southern white woman in the late 1800 's named Emily Grierson. She is lonely and still not married as she continues to get older. Emily lives only with her black servant, Tobe, as her parents have both passed away. The town’s people think it is unfair that Emily does not have to pay her share in taxes. This is because the town’s previous mayor lied to Emily stating that her father had once lent the town a great deal of money. In reality he felt bad for Emily because the house was the only thing that he had left her. Emily also never acknowledged that her father was dead and many locals complained of a smell coming from the house. As the locals keep gossiping about Emily never leaving her home, they are shocked to see her with a man named Homer Barron, who is hired by the town to pave the sidewalks. As the weeks go…

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