William Blake 's Poem ' How Sweet I Roam ' Essay

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In literature, Poetry can be described as a way to express emotions and ideas through various styles and schemes. William Blake describes the perfect example of the paradoxical pleasure and pain of failing in love in his poem, ‘How Sweet I Roam’d from Field to Field’. Throughout this poem is a young lady who happens to fall in love with a prince. As the poem progresses through the stanzas she unintentionally gets tangled in his love only to be left feeling the bitter pain of love. The opening line of the poem starts off with this young girl who appears to be innocent, as she roams “from field to field” (1). This line my view signified her youth and carefree personality as she is not in search of anything specific. She is simply enjoying the season as described in the next line through tasting “summers pride” (2). Immediately following those two lines a picture was painting in my mind, in a way the stereotypically image of a girl playing in a field of flowers during the summer time, simply enjoying what nature has to offer. As the first stanza progresses she notices a prince, who is said to have stood out in the sun. Based upon reading the third and fourth line in the poem I perceived Blake painting a picture of this girl who is mesmerized by this what one may call a godly prince figure. One who stands out in the field and captures the attention of anyone. The first stanza follows the typical rhyme scheme of abab and it is this form that is consistently used by Blake…

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