Essay on Wide Sargasso Sea By Jean Rhys

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Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys discusses White-Black relations during a crucial changing point in the West Indies. According to Maria Olaussen, the Wide Sargasso Sea showed that racism was still alive during the setting 's time, although the Emancipation Act, otherwise known as the Abolition of Slavery Act, had already been put in place (65). In my own opinion, I believe that Rhys showed racism with her characters throughout her work of the Wide Sargasso Sea. In Wide Sargasso Sea racism between the White and Black races in the book can be seen in the background and history of the time era that Jean Rhys wrote the book, the search for racial identity, and in the text when those of the Black race and the White race are in contact or have conversations.
Lee Erwin believes that Rhys wrote this book with such tension between those of different races due to the fact that during the time that she began and finished the Wide Sargasso Sea, from 1945 to 1966, she witnessed most of the break-up that occurred with the British Empire (143). According to Erwin, he believes that "the historical circumstances that set the novel in motion are the Emancipation Act that in 1833 decreed the eventual freedom of the slaves in all of the British colonies and the racial conflicts and social and economic turmoil that surrounded it" (143). Carine Mardorossian says that during the story there was "shifting cultural constructions of race, sex, and class throughout which the black Creoles are…

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