Essay Why We Must Help Practice Emotional First Aid

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Why we all need To Practice Emotional First Aid

Guy Winch Believes that we all should take psychological health a lot more serious than it is being taken. Guy Winch started by talking about his twin brother and how he became a psychologist. He used many examples to compare and contrast both mental and physical health, for an example if someone were to fall they would aid themselves immediately, on the other hand if someone 's emotions were to get hurt they would just sweep it under the mat. After that he presented his argument to why we should take psychological health seriously. He talks a lot about what normally affects your psychological health negatively and kind of gives a solution on how to treat it. The things that contribute to damaging your mental health were how we dealt with loneliness, failure, rejection and rumination, and he presents a basic solution, deal with emotional pain then stop emotional bleeding and then protect your self-esteem.

1. The Speakers (Guy Winch) thesis was that we should close the gap between our physical and our psychological health, and we must prioritize psychological health, by that we should practice emotional hygiene. The Speaker initially stated the thesis or I guess the idea of the thesis at 3:12. The reason why I think he stated his thesis at the point was because he wanted the idea of psychological health and physical health to be understood. Prior to saying the thesis, Guy talked about growing up with a twin and then…

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