Why Was The New Deal Important To American History

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During the 1930s, The United States was greatly suffering as a result of The Great Depression. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was elected presidented he decided to fix all the ailments America was currently facing. He did this by enacting the New Deal. This is the name giving to the series of projects enacted by FDR to help the country. The New Deal is considered to be extremely important to American History. The New Deal was a standout historical event because it helped the lives of the American people. Some of the most beneficial New Deal programs were smaller ones. For example, in May 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority Act allowed the federal government to build dams along the Tennessee River. The Tennessee Valley Authority Act …show more content…
one big business reform program was the National Industrial Recovery Act of June 1933. The National Industrial Recovery Act created the National Recovery Administration to enforce regulation on fair business and industry practice (Rung). This helped many Americans because they were facing unfair working conditions. The National Recovery Administration forced big businesses to treat their workers fairly. The National Recovery Administration also led to industrial codes for minimum wage, and maximum work hours, and led to supporting the rights of workers to join unions (Rung). This helped the American people because before big businesses could pay their workers whatever they wanted. This led to workers being paid very little for their hard work. Also the NRA helped to stabilize failing industries;such as, oil, coal, and textiles (“The First New Deal”). This helped to keep America’s businesses successful and it was helpful to the economy. The National Industrial Recovery Act also gave the president the right to regulate fair competition between businesses (Maney). This act made it harder to have monopolies and promoted more competition between businesses. Because America had a free market system competition between businesses were vital to the

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