Why The Biorhythm Model Is Great Importance Essay

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Rescue missions are not only technical in nature, but also demanding. In other words, it is one thing to plan for such expeditions while it is another to execute the strategy. Evidence provided by various institutions including non-governmental organizations confirm that liberation operations are more sophisticated than widely conceived. Consequently, there is need for adoption of tested and proved techniques, which not only limit the number of casualties, but also guarantee success in the expedition. Amongst the proposed modus operandi, the biorhythm model tops the list. The model gives prominence to creativity, the science of deception, and the flexibility of the soldier. This essay will focus on the Cabanatuan raid of 1945, provide details about its plans, developments, and aftermaths. The paper will demonstrate why the biorhythm model is of great importance.
Synopsis of Cabanatuan Camp The camp lies in the heart of Panganiban, Cabanatuan city. Apart from having a robust enclosure, it is awash with heavily armed soldiers. Mathematically, it is a four-sided area with a length of about 800m, and width of approximately 600m. Other features within the camp include a military tower, a hospital, and a prison for captives
Workable Plan
The most appropriate time to launch an attack will be anytime after 2020 hours, as darkness would have encroached. Furthermore, the moon rises at about 2300 hours, guaranteeing safe direction finding by the rescue team as they depart the…

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