Why The Barbarian Is Fitting Of The Mongols Or Not Essay

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After they conquered most of the known world and built their own empire, Mongols were known to be two things when it comes to history: great conquerors and barbarians. In terms of the former, no literature can contest that they deserved to be called and regarded as such. Inversely, the case of the latter remains an open debate to historians and even the rest of the world. This paper aims to arrive to a verdict whether the term barbarian is fitting to the Mongols or not. During the time when they were tearing down cities after cities and kingdoms after kingdoms, the Mongols were stereotyped and feared as ruthless vanquishers with barbaric nature. To its neighbors, the thought of seeing their army of warriors on horseback signifies doom. Mongols were renowned for their wrath– they slay men, women, and children as they destroy their cities. They leave these areas empty of life for even animals are slain; but full of severed heads that are piled up in one location like what happened in Ryazan and Kozelsk, Russia (Document 4) According to varied sources, millions of people were brutally murdered by the Mongols during its conquest from Asia to Europe (Marshall, “Storm from the East, From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan” as cited by Juvaini, “Genghis Khan: The History of the World Conqueror”). Mongol’s cruel way of killing its enemies is documented in a Persian manuscript The Shah Namah or The Book of Kings. As it shows a brutal way of killing executed by a Mongol…

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