Why Should We Spend Your Life? Essay

820 Words Apr 11th, 2016 4 Pages
For as long as I can recall I have enjoyed the ability to observe society and those that live within it, henceforth, recently in the past weeks I have enjoyed spending time with a few close acquaintances from going to a public restaurant to enjoying a motion picture flick. In all these activities I was able to not only observe the public but the environment around us and found some interesting aspect that stood out to me. Observing while spending time socialize is anything from easy as I felt the pull of my companions need to distract me at every turn but I pushed forward and tried to use all my sense in order to enjoy every aspect of all these activities to relish the benefit of the world around me. It’s quite interesting the things one observes when opening ones senses and what one contemplates when surrounded by these different senses. The biggest thing that I noticed pertaining to my senses is that sight and hearing were the most present throughout all activities that I did, while other aspects were minor.
The first thing I did during the week was go to a restaurant with a few close acquaintances and while sitting in a crowded restaurant the noises that were being emitted into my ear were not only loud and quite present from hand clapping to the clinks that plates were emitting from the kitchen. I noticed that the atmosphere of those around in chitter chatter sync based on the music that surrounded above us from friendly banter to a harden discussion behind us. Noise…

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