Essay about Why Should They Be Better Than The Rest Of Us?

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The majority of American citizens are seeing their share of the pie shrink more and more, while a tiny portion of the populace is gaining funds and influence in leaps and bounds. Is it fair that less than 1% of the total population controls so much of the wealth and are given special considerations when it comes to tax laws? This can be debated back and forth until our faces turn blue. The real question is why are they given these favorable circumstances? Why should they be seen as better than the rest of us? Paul Krugman suggests, “…aside from shouts of ‘class warfare!’ whenever such questions are raised, the usual answer is that the super-elite are ‘job creators’- that is, that they make a special contribution to the economy” (para 8). Krugman, who holds a PhD in Economics from M.I.T., is referring to the belief by many that this demographic is somehow entitled to these tax cuts because of an essential need they fulfill. By creating employment opportunities, they are seen as indispensable by our government and therefore should be treated differently than the average American. Whether creators of jobs, financial geniuses, or corporate heads, none of them should be seen as better than anyone else, or more deserving. In “We Are the 99.9 Percent”, Paul Krugman presents many persuasive affirmations in a contrast between the elite 1% and the majority of Americans that are a part of the middle class. In actuality, it is an even smaller fraction that holds the biggest stake in…

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