Essay on Why Should The Greeks Have Been Superiorly Healthy And Fit?

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Have you ever felt the urge to be healthier? Or get fit? With today’s multi-billion dollar industry in health and fitness, it’s almost impossible for people today to not be tempted to try it out. For some people it can be a lot harder with work, school, and the pressure of daily life. But have you ever thought about where we first got the idea of being fit and healthy? While healthy lifestyles depend on a person 's own wants and needs, healthy living comes from the same principles throughout history, with Greek and Roman culture and philosophy, diet fads, and changes in exercise preference throughout the years. First, in Greek and Roman culture, the body was the main subject in much of their art, and daily lives. In an article discussing why the Greeks might have been superiorly healthy and fit, the author Trevor Johnson points out about their philosophy. “The Greeks were the first exercisers and, their "healthy mind in a healthy body," philosophy is something that kept their culture stable for so long.” (Johnson). They stressed that schooling was just as important as training. In their ‘gyms’, there were wrestling mats, running tracks, punching bag room and many more, but they also saved a good portion of the building for school rooms. They believed that in order to be superiorly fit in body, they had to be the same in mind. Which helped them to understand and then come to cure and prevent disease. (Chalin). As the years went on, the Romans also started using these…

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