Essay about Why Sexting Is Not A Safer Form Of Sex

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When sexting was introduced there was a high amount of usage right from the beginning. The new phenomenon in 2009 created a new outlet for teenagers to engage in real sexual talk with there peers. Where before there was only the awkward face-to-face communication. Once sexting was around for awhile teenagers understood how to use it better, and even apps were created to help keep everyone safe. Sexting when used in a healthy matter can be rewarding and safe for teenagers are wanting to engage in sexual activity.
Reflecting on the topic of ‘sexting’ it took some time because like many topics it really depends on what your own values are and what has impacted you in the past. I remember when it became the new thing to be doing in 2009 while I was just beginning high and it does not seem to be slowing down. My personal views are mixed especially after reading the textbook. I found the arguments for why sexting is not a safer form of sex to be looking at the big picture of worst case scenarios. Young teenagers do not always think of the consequences before they preform an action but of course will have to deal with it whatever consequences come from it. So I asked myself the question would I rather there be a low quality naked photo of me in the world forever or to be a Dad at the age of 14? It should not automatically be assumed that your first picture you send will be passed around nor should it be assumed the first time you have sex the girl will get pregnant. But…

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