Why Sex Education Should Be Taught Essay

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Most teenagers are not aware that having unprotected sex with partners carries risk. Some of the risks are HIV, STD’s, and teenage pregnancy. Some influencing factors to having sex are stress, peer pressure, and trying to fit in with friends. These are reasons why sex education should be taught in all high schools.

According to Marr,M.D. (2007) “over 70% of all teenagers encounter their first sexual intercourse before they graduate from high school.” (p77)

This poll shows that there are more than 50% of all teenagers in high school that are sexually active. Since adolescence is a time when experimenting with sexuality begins, sex education is an important part or factor in preventing HIV. HIV is the number one killer among teenagers and Americans. Teenagers should be aware of other STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, and Chlamydia. All of these sexually transmitted diseases can be life threatening if not treated in a timely matter. According to a brief article Facts on Sex Education in the United States “9 million new sexually transmitted infections occur among teenagers in the United States”. (2006) Teenage pregnancy is another concern faced by parents. It has been reported that approximately 750,000 teenage pregnancies occur each year and 82% are unintended. (2006) Teenagers being aware of the proper contraception and birth controls that are available to them will lower teen pregnancies among teenagers. According to…

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